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What Teachers Do For Fun book


This week we are talking all about what teachers at our school like to do for fun.  There is a WIDE variety of different things they like to do, from eating Colombian food to going down water slides.

Our students loved seeing their teachers engaged in lots of different activities and we hope you do too!





Here is a link to the book: What Do Teachers Do For Fun

Columbus Day book


IMG_6329In honor of Columbus Day, we are focusing on Christopher Columbus this week.  Our story tells about who Columbus was and why he is an important piece of history.  On each page there is a little bit of information.  When it is our students’ turn to read the repetitive line we asked them, “what did Columbus do?”  The repetitive line answers, “Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”  We hope you enjoy!




IMG_6114Here is a link to the book: Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Native Americans book


IMG_4713We are following the Unique theme this week and focusing on learning about Native Americans.  All of the pictures (found using google images) and information relate to Native Americans from long ago.  On each page there is a piece of information about Native Americans.  After the information is read to the students, we asked them, “what are we learning about?”  The repetitive line answers, “The life of a Native American.”  We hope you enjoy!




IMG_4535Here is a link to the book: The Life of a Native American

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Go To School book


IMG_2464It was Teddy Bear Appreciation Day on September 9 so we decided to have our theme based on the story, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.  The book features some of our awesome students who are have things that are too big/small, long/short, hard/soft, and of course, juuuuuust right.  This week, the repetitive line is not the same as the title of the book.  Our students had to ask the question, “what did they see?”  We are SO excited about this book because it is the first time that some of our older students are included.  Very exciting for us all 🙂  Please enjoy!


IMG_2382Here is a link to the book: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Labor Day book


IMG_1926We are celebrating Labor Day this week by looking at some of the different jobs that are seen around the community, such as police officer, custodian, and firefighter, to name a few.  After reading the first line on each page, we asked our students, “what do we do on Labor Day?”  The repetitive line answers, “on Labor Day we celebrate people who work.”  We tried to tie in some of the different working positions seen in a school in order for our students to be able to relate.  We hope you had a fantastic day off and enjoy the book!



IMG_1868Here is a link to the book: On Labor Day We Celebrate People Who Work

Birthday Party book


IMG_9701IMG_9625We celebrated Birthday’s this week!  We thought that since some of our students have summer Birthdays, they don’t typically get to celebrate with their school friends.  And who doesn’t like to celebrate a Birthday!?  The book goes over some of the different things done at a Birthday party.  After the first line on the page was read, we would ask the students, “where does this happen?”  The repetitive line answered, “at my Birthday party.”  The pictures (found using google images) are so colorful and our students enjoyed looking at them.  We hope you do too!



IMG_9423Here is a link to the book: At My Birthday Party

The Planets book


IMG_8595We ventured out to space this week and looking at each of the 8 planets.  The book touches on a fun fact about each of the planets.  After the fact is read, we asked our students, “what are we learning about?”  The repetitive line answers the question, stating, “the planets in our solar system.”  It’s always a nice contrast to have a black background along with a colorful picture and these are no different.  Each of the pictures were found using Google images.  We hope you enjoy!



IMG_8479Here is a link to the book: The Planets in Our Solar System